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About Ancestral Homes

This site provides a technological tool for collecting, storage and retrieval of information about ancestral homes and the families who once occupied these places.

There are no rigid criteria to define an “Ancestral Home”, but typically it is a human habitation ranging from well-preserved stone buildings to the remnants of log or sod cabins, prior to the 1900s, now either abandoned or repurposed.

We wish to provide a community for students and researchers in history and genealogy, whether professional or amateur, with an ever-growing archive of information on ancestral homes in many regions and countries throughout the world.

Your Contribution

The first priority –

That you add at least one more “Ancestral Home” to the archive. Click Here

The next priority –

That you contribute to growing the archive by enlisting additional users who appreciate the value of recording the memories of “These Old Walls – The Homes of Our Great-Grandparents” Learn More

The goal -

Our goal will be achieved primarily by volunteer effort with the support of many motivated individuals, genealogical societies, heritage programs and community-based partners

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